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The concept of education was only considered as a luxury in Thailand during the old days. Until today it is still a common practise to send children to temples for cheaper education. Lancer was initially formed with the hopes to provide affordable stationary items to its end users. The goal is to enable children to enjoy a lower schooling cost by reducing expenses. We also want to ensure we do not only provide an affordable product, but also a long lasting convinience for our users. The definition of Lancer's quality lies within the smoothness and durability.

After having successfully operated for more than 60 years, it is safe to say that Lancer is trusted brand among many in Thailand. Almost all the locals are aware of Lancer because of the long lasting impact our products leaves upon our valuable customers. Despite the years passing by, we are still popular among people because we maintain top quality to ensure our end user receives the best experience and performance. Our key strenghts lies within simplicity. and durability. It is worth to say that we are a brand that grow with you.

We are known because we stay with you until the end of the journey!


Blue Stripe Pen
Signature product

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